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'This is where the magic happens'. All the work we deliver to you from our east London based studio.


WHAT: in other words - a striking and memorable visual representation made of words and  pictures explaining your story or idea. Do you want your audience to really remember what you're communicating and align everyone in the room? By creating a visual piece that you can run your audience through you help them remember and retain information 80% better than using only words (only 10% of us will remember), or text (only 20%). We produce rich pictures in any size, shape and style and prep them for both: online use and print. We also keep the rich pictures in our base to give you full flexibility. At any point in time, if you need any edits (new team member? Refreshed title for your project?) we can refresh the piece for you in no time.

WHEN USEFUL: If you're looking to put a new plan, strategy, vision, journey, idea, presentation or a pitch together to share with your team, client, partner, stakeholder or investor, rich picture will help you to remember, retain and recall your information 80% better. Plus, how creative of you to showcase often difficult to grasp at once a load of information?

KEY BENEFITS: it's a fact that we remember visual information 80% better than text or words. With that, it is only the right and useful decision to create a visual representation of your message. Apart from rich pictures being a very useful startegic tool that will help everyone get on the same page, it's also a pretty impressive and creative way of getting your audience aligned. By sharing one visual experience people feel more enpowered and excited to go through the journey with you and be a part of it. Let people see what you mean.


WHAT: video undoubtedly is the most powerful visual tool which will catch your audience's attention and make your message memorable. From convincing your audience that your product or services is worth the investment to pitching a new idea. Just YouTube has more than 1 billion unique visitors a month. Video can tell your story like no other medium, engage and make people buy into your idea. It has been tested that we are all mostly visual creatures and we are likely to remember something 80% better when shown in pictures, especially moving ones. It's a fact. We produce all sorts of stylish, witty -(if that's what you're after), creative videos limitless range of bespoke creative solutions. talking heads, white board animation, graphic design animation, there's limitless bespoke solutions we offer - just tell us what you're after. 

WHEN USEFUL: if you want to explain in a minute or 2 what you do, what's your idea and why people should care, If you want to turn a talk or a lecture into a visual form to make a more lasting impact and help people digest the insights easier, If you have a pitch and want to make t more interesting 

KEY BENEFITS: capture everyone's attention and help your audience understand instantly your story, pitch, idea or ad. Engage your audience, we're all distracted these days, great way to 'hook' people in. Moving pictures + words can explain your story in an easiest way. Share it with your client, play during presentations, showcase as a background during events, stand ouT. Thanks to moving pictures, the right music and a professional voiceover we can better explain complex ideas through visually attractive and elegant simple in form pictures. 

Brand creation & development

WHAT: We create brands with personality (got to have it nowadays, too much of the same!) from scratch or work with you to develop your existing brand. We cover it all: brand creation, brand strategy, brand identity, copy, design, name, visuals, identity, logo, website, tone of voice, feel & look across all channels. This is often the first touchpoint for your audience, so it needs to engage and stop them. We like to produce meaningful human brands that have a story and stand for something. 

WHEN USEFUL: when you know you've got a valuable product or service and you either need to bring it to the world and you're not sure where to start or you already are here but feel like what you do is not fully reflected in how you showcase it. Your brand should reflect who you are, what you stand for and show in a simple to understand and engage with way what you offer to this world. We can help you achieve that.

KEY BENEFITS: your ability to explain what you do much easier and in a more engaging way. Be proud of the fact that what you do reflects in how it looks and the way it feels. Having a well working sleek brand across all channels is something that will help you boost your existing success or help launching one. Let the visuals

I discussed some ideas for my logo with Natalia and she came back to me very quickly with exactly what I was looking for! Her creativity is only matched by her friendly and personable nature.
— carl waterfield
We worked with ND on branding and logo for out 1st product, Neonce. Their enthusiasm, research before the workshops and follow up have helped us come up with a name, logo and visual style we are very happy with. Natalia’s energy was contagious and we all had big smiles on our faces during the session & once the logo was ready few days after.
— paolo bongiovanni, mindiply founder

social media visual content

WHAT: these days we consume information so fast, it's all about that immediate impression. You get 1 second to capture someone's attention. Alongside your branding and tone of voice we produce series of visual content for social media to boost the engagement, spike up those likes and followers and get the attention of the people you care about.

WHEN USEFUL: stand out from the crowd and create (often humour helps) visual updates that will keep people coming back for more, retweet, repost and share with their friends. It's all about human content centred around your audience. 

KEY BENEFITS: higher following, more page impressions, connecting with people you care to talk to, being a source of entertainment, visual stimuli, shareable useful content not just a machine that pushes information out that noone wants to engage with. Your audience is first and they dictate what they want to see so play with that and create content they will enjoy, share and save.


WHAT: wether you need visual that will liven up your website or illustrations for your presentations or maybe you're after a personal mood board that will guide you visually through your goals and plan - we do it all. Let us know what you're after and we'll make it happen. Visuals draw attention so much stronger than just text (why are we still writing...) and they can leave your audience with a lasting memory of what your brand is and what emotions it evokes in them. Let's create memorable visuals that to support whatever story you want to share.

WHEN USEFUL: need to update your website, help the presentation look a bit more lively than just a bunch of text and graphs, want to tell an engaging story through pictures, use visuals designed especially for you regularly for social media or campaign, create a personal or work mood board to get inspired from and put in one picture all the people and things that matter to you? We're sure we didn't cover all the reasons but there's the few we get requests for a lot.

KEY BENEFITS: capture attention, be more memorable and help your audience understand instantly your story, pitch or idea. There's a reason there's a saying: a picture is worth a 1000 words. It is a fact!If you're really after making that lasting impact - let people SEE rather than READ or LISTEN only.



WHAT: it's not just sleek lines and vector files. It's meaningful visual work telling a story that will support your brand, idea, pitch, presentation or website. Wether you need a new logo, set of visuals for your next big meeting or regular visual work to support communication with your audience - we can make it impactful and beautiful.

WHEN USEFUL: when you need a sleek graphic visual representation of your information or story. Graphic design looks great on all channels. Wether you need to spruce up your website, app, blog, social media, or brand - you can't go wrong with a stylish media like graphic design.

KEY BENEFITS:  if used with a purpose (not to just make things look good), graphic design can boost your company’s marketing and engage wider audience. It can educate, inform, entertain and simplify data. It also helps to make a great lasting first impression on your client or stakeholder. 

office wall mural

WHAT: There's a lot of ways to make a pitch or a tell a story through a timeline of history memorable and impactful. But only the bold and different ideas win. How do you stand out when many other companies offer similar approach? Hmmm... How about we invite the client to your space and have them  enjoy a painted pitch on the wall that tells a story so you can literally walk them through it and help them buy into the concept? Why not :) This one definitely goes into an 'unforgettable bucket'.

WHEN USEFUL: a new company pitch that you want to present it a bit differently and with more creativity; to turn your dull office space into an inspiring, visual piece of art people talk to, share and stop to look at; if you want to get everyone engaged for your few years plan and want everyone to keep a vivid picture in their minds by creating an interactive wall mural which e.g. people could fill in with their goals that will or have been achieved.

KEY BENEFITS: huge impact on your space and the creative feel you want to bring to your office, a great way to get everyone excited, on board and familiar with a story, pitch or strategy for your business, the size of the art work will make people stop and stare. If you have a story you want to share and get everyone aligned with - wall mural is a piece of art that's both useful and beautiful to experience.


WHAT: we produce high quality videos that tell a story. We brainstorm with you on the best way to deliver what you want to say and how you want to say it. Videos are the nr 1 medium that will draw your audience's attention and can have a bigger impact than 100 pages of text. Nowadays, when we are hang up on immediacy and seeing information rather than reading it - a creative video is the way to go.

WHEN USEFUL: your brand story, new product or services launch, event, 'talking heads' promo video, landing page, intro to a wider project, case study, pitch - whatever you're after.

KEY BENEFITS: capture attention instantly, explain something that would take you a long presentation or a meeting in a form of a short video, engage people in an instant, easy to share across all chanells, it's all about the why not the how - if you help people understand the why behind what you produced and connect with them on an emotional level - you're halfway there.


WHAT:  tell a story through beautiful HQ pictures. We work with the best in trade to give you that high end, full of personality picture that can change your communication in an instant. We take photos for your team, products, at events and even recently started taking more and more PHOTO DOODLES - where photo meets photography. Much more lively photos that let your team have fun, express themselves and play with the camera. It's so much fun every time and the effect are definitely eye-catching.

WHEN USEFUL: you're looking to get a fresh set of photos for your personal branding, team needs a fresh new look, event, presentation, you've got new products or services, you want to tell a story. Stock images or phone just won't cut - do it properly, be proud of the effects.

KEY BENEFITS: you've got someone's attention from the get go, pictures evoke emotions, memories, connect with us on a much more emotional level than words only. Be bold, stand out and let's design a photoshoot for your needs.

your VISION board

WHAT: we believe in chasing your dreams, which is why we love using vision boards to help visualise our ideas and goals. Personal vision board is a great way to stay inspired and motivated in your workspace or bedroom. Post words or quotes that mean a lot to you alongside pictures to stay on track and remind yourself to keep doing what you love. Life is quick, we get from one to another point in no time and stop reflecting for a moment. If only there was a tool that can always act as a guidance, focus point, a positive reminder of what's great in your life and a anchor to guide you through better or worse times. All the things that matter to you on 1 page. You can choose from all sorts of types of vision boards depending on what you're after: focused on GOALS, DREAM, THINGS YOU LOVE, PROFESSIONAL, PERSONAL or a mix of ALL above.

WHEN USEFUL:  to keep you focused and motivated on your goals, dreams, people and things you love and what matters to you. Wether that's for yourself , your friend, whole family or team - a visual representation of what matters to you, will work like a dream. 

KEY BENEFITS: as we mentioned, visuals are retained and recalled by our brain 60,000 times faster and are remembered 80% better than text or spoken word. Having a visual representation of things that matter to you and you want to focus on will help you reach your goals, bring back to what matters when in doubt and motivate and inspire for your next steps.