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find your answers by hearing theirs

human to human conversation

A bit of an unusual, spontaneous, unscripted evening where a few awesome guests share stories about who they are and experiences that shaped them as humans rather than going through their CVs. They answer a series of more human, relatable and fun questions they haven't seen before. We get to explore a more personal side of them and enjoy a low key, friendly evening where people can connect with guests' answers, find their own answers, exchange experience and connect. 

I love the idea that I have no idea what Natalia wants me to do.
— @mattdesmier
I love Natalia’ s creativity so I think the concept of speaking on the spot is quite brilliant. As a speaker anyway I like being put on the spot and having to think what I’m going to say. I’m actually quite uncertain, curious and a little bit scared...that’s why I like it.
— @davidmcqueen
I #resisttheusual by not giving a f**k what others think of me’.
— @hermioneway
‘I #resist the usual by the deliberate loving acts of kindess’.
— @darrenrobson
  • 1 unscripted evening

  • 3 awesome & brave guests

  • 0 prepped presentations

  • 100% real, human stories

Get in touch if you have a person in mind for our guest or partnering up for the event.

Next #resisttheusual - NOVEMBER 23rd, 2017. Details coming soon.

“I #resisttheusual by working for myself’. -
— @davidmcqueen
‘I #resisttheusual by living my life according to the Desmier family motto. If it’s funny, do it.’ -
— @mattdesmier