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friemily: friends + family. celebrating the closest friends that are like a family to you.

Lately I've been pondering about true friendship in my life, what it means, how it presents itself, its great power and the people that mean the world to me. I've been thinking about some of my best friends that are like brothers and sisters even though we're not related by blood. Once I've heard: 'Best friends are the family you choose.' It really resonated with me. I'm lucky enough to have few gems like that in my life. One day I decided to celebrate them and make them more visible around me, literally by drawing them. They're all individual characters with distinct personalities. Everyone's so different, but something connects us all at the end of the day: love, support, respect and being there for each other wether in person or through an emoji that shows the other person is thinking about you. So I thought: how about I draw #myfriemily? I would love to have their faces and characters every day on my wall reminding me of how lucky and happy I am to know them. They're a huge part of who I am. Then I thought: I'm sure other people would love to have their Friemily drawn too. So we created this microsite in a day and the logo I literally drew with pencil, scanned and saved. Simple. That's how #myfriemily was born. Why the concept? Hang in on the wall, make it a wallpaper on your screen, keep it for yourself to remind you everyday in a fun visual way of those special people in your life or hand it as a personalised gift to your Friemily either as full artwork of all your best friends or cut it into individual members. ðŸ˜ 😘😄 reactions guaranteed.

Below you can see #myfriemily. Who would you put in your artwork?




1. Think about the closest friends in your life that you want on your Friemily artwork. (It's not a competition & it's not about numbers! Got one true friend you want to put in there? Awesome!) Can't decide? Think about the friends in your life who you know you could without any hesitation call at 2am at night if needed (even if they can be a bit grumpy as you woke them up😉)

2. Send to us clear photos of each person + their names + one characteristic thing about them (e.g. they love coffee) in one file (e.g. word, pages, pdf) on

3. Wait for your Friemily artwork to arrive in your email or letterbox within a week or 2 depending on how busy we are (if you need it delivered last minute, let us know, we'll see what we can do).




1. 📩 ONLINE DELIVERY: Sketch + design + online delivery £45 / per Friemily member. Cutting each Friemily member as a separate artwork +£10 in total.

2. 📮 PRINTED DELIVERY: Sketch + design + online delivery £45 / per Friemily member. Printing + shipping: Â£20 in UK. We ship worldwide too as we're sure there's Friemily members deserving artwork in the entire world:) Ask us for details of shipping outside UK. We can print each Friemily member separately too. Ask us for details and pricing around that.



Tweet us at #myfriemily your ready artwork and tag @natalkadesign (insta) @Natalka_Design (Twitter) ! We can't wait to see your Friemily online 👩🏽👱🏾👩🏼 👫 👭 👬 !