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The magic of turning your stories into meaningful & memorable visual stories. 


> it's proven that you retain, remember and recall information 80% times better than just from looking at text or listening. If you want someone to remember your content for longer and actually learn something - tell a story. What better way then creating pictorial representation of speakers' talks and taking your audience on a journey. Pictures add an element to storytelling that text can't: speed. Visuals are processed by our brains 60,000 times faster than text. What does it mean in practice? You can get your audience to buy into your message much faster with an engaging picture. It's actual science - can't beat the facts. It's an innovative solution for recording information, so graphic facilitation can also be called: graphic recording, live sketching, speed drawing, scribing, sketch notes.


> want to boost your event's engagement and visibility? How about adding some creativity and making your event more memorable? (we all know how many are out there!) Graphic facilitation is the answer. Your social media impressions and engagement can increase massively and so is the buzz around your event. Speakers retweet and love their talks drawn, sponsors will appreciate a visual around their support rather than just haing their logo placed on a board, audience will interact online with your event more and spread the word thus making it more visible and you will get useful content to use after the conference for blogs, updates and next year promotion. 

Natalka Design have a fantastic energy and skill for creating visuals. It is great to have visuals that captured the different sessions of our team event. Everything produced is of a fantastic standard.
— Leila Faik, Senior communications manager at Network Rail

> we work on any medium depending on what type of final product your after: digitally on tablets, paper, foam boards any other medium you can think of :)

KEY BENEFITS OF DIGITAL: more and more of our clients are going for the digital graphic recording which we deliver on tablets. Think a person in the room, all we need is access to power and wifi and off we go. We can show what's been drawn wether throughout the event on a screen or just in breaks to boost the engagement and make it work as a conversation starter. Digital pictures are easy to tweak and edit, print in any size shape or form for your guests after the event and look very crips on the screens if you're thinking to share the visual on a blog, website, send through newsletter or email. It's fast, looks great and easy to share instatnly online.

KEY BENEFITS OF PAPER/FOAM BOARD: if you want to have the picture evolve on everyone's eyes and you're planning to hang the piece after at the office and let the real markers do the work, paper or foam boards are the way to go. Tell us where you'd like us to set up: in the front so everyone can see? on the side so you keep everyone's attention on the slides or in the back so you only let people engage with what's been drawn on the board during breaks and at the end, your call. We work on small or large formats - whatever works with you and the room allows. Afterwards we photograph the piece, edit and deliver to you a digital photographed format as well as you taking the final art work back to your office. Now the only question is: who gets the piece on their wall?:)

Natalka Design’s images helped generate 5m page impressions online.
— matt desmier, silicon beach conference
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Natalia made a significant contibution to our team development session. The opportunity to visualise, in real time, some of the thoughts and ideas from the team was incredibly useful. It allowed us to become more creative in the session. Having a visual record of the event in this way has much more impact and ability to “put us back in the creative environment” than other forms of output.
— adam king, director at deloitte
If ever an organisation, whose business is ‘live, real-time visualisation’, could be better served by Natalia when they exhibit at an exhibition then I’ll eat my hat.
— Rob Mcneil, Datawatch, EMEA, Head of Marketing
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— Claire C.

> be creative and let your audience remember your meeting, event, conference or pitch differently!