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Got an event, workshop, session, conference? Want to boost the engagement, visibility and have useful creative visual content to share after? This page is for you.

We bring something more valuable than ROI - ROE (Return on Engagement) which results in ROI. ROI only happens if people buy into your story. We boost engagement at all sorts of types of events, add creativity, attractive visual content and spike up social media page impressions. We do it through all sorts of tools listed below. Graphic facilitation is a pretty magical way to engage audience. We also film and photograph events. We come up with ideas how to turn your event into an interactive playground. Because when you begin using the right tools, you're in a more productive state of mind and so is your audience. Check out more info below and see what would work for your big day. 

Graphic Facilitation

WHAT IS IT:  you talk, we draw it in real time. We turn your conversations, brainstorms and presentations into pictures for a stronger impact, aligned team, clearer vision, excited audience and a much easier way of remembering, storing and recalling information. There's so much distraction nowadays, if you want to catch someone's attention - visualise it. We work both digitally and on paper and foam board so you get a product that is most useful to your needs. We work both digitally and on paper and foam board so you get a product that is most useful to your needs. There's all sorts of ways to call it: graphic recording, sketch notes, live sketching, speed drawing - we just go with the name we hear taht's used the most :)

WHEN USEFUL:  at any sort of events and conferences (speaker, round tables, mix) to record graphically talks and (as an option) tweet them live for ultimate boost in engagement and a great marketing content after the event; at internal team sessions and workshops to align the team, get everyone on the same page and excited for your future, new plan, vision, whatever you discussed is captured in one attractive visual for everyone to get inspired and act from; at 121 or group leadership internal session to record a very special visual representation of a personal journey. Something that will keep them inspired, motivated and make the goals more real

KEY BENEFITS:  boost in engagement, creativity and visibility of your event. There's so much distraction nowadays, if you want to catch someone's attention and engage them properly in your message - visualise it. Get your team aligned and excite them about what's possible. Share the entire day through creative pictures that tell a story. Excite your sponsors and speakers as they love to share the content after and add to their portfolio.


Looking to create a promo video or want to a highlight video for your event? We specialise in commercial videography for marketing content and engaging content. Let's chat what you want to capture and how we can create the best material for the type of use and distribution you'e after.


Need to capture memories from your event, workshop, presentation or event? Let us know what you're after and we will photograph what's important to you.

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interactive visual board

WHAT IS IT:  a large visual board we produce before your event that acts as a conversation starter, competition hub, visual creative space to leave notes, thoughts, contact details and a general great creative attractive background for your event.

WHEN USEFUL:  want to run a competition and add a bit of creativity? Have a bold question or statement in the middle of the board so no one will pass it without any notice. Not sure what to do during breaks where people gather and don't have anything to look at and engage with (especially for the shy ones out there?) If you want to engage people throughout your event and create a focal point for their creative expression, have a place which they can gather around and interact with, this is a great concept to try.

KEY BENEFITS:  boost in engagement, creativity and interaction at your event. Clever way to run competitions, gather data and have people use other medium than only digital to leave their thoughts and comments. Amazing conversation starter and something people love to share.


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