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2hrs of fun, creativity, new friends, rewiring brain, interactive drawing games, drinks & nibbles.

Doodleledo surpassed my ‘fun-o-meter’ expectations. The drawing on our evening almost became the secondary activity!
— @girlondon


3 reasons why we've launched it:

  • People too often say 'I can't draw!' We wanted to prove you wrong. It's a muscle like any other. If you don't use it, don't expect to be confident. Practice!

  • We were bored with pretentious networking events where people don't enjoy connecting, they just hover through the venue with their 'what do you do?' question and based on that they either pay attention to you or not. We wanted an event where people can connect naturally, laugh, something that feels like a friends' dinner.

  • The creative 'right side' part of our brain doesn't just work turn on without prompts. You've got to actively stimulate it and let new links appear. Doodleledo is a great platform for exercising creativity, thinking more in pictures which leads to more bold, innovative new ideas and behaviour change.

your private doodleledo

Planning an event and looking for a bit different experience? Get us to organise for you and your guests a fun, creative session full of drawing games, snacks, drinks and practicing that right side of your brain event.

Wether you're organising a corporate event, private get together, hen do or a team experience, you've found a GOOD IDEA. We don’t want to get technical but this is a good one: the right side of the brain is best at expressive and creative tasks. Some of the abilities popularly associated with the right side of the brain include: -Recognising faces -Expressing emotions -Music -Reading emotions -Colour -Images -Intuition -Creativity

In a nutshell, IT’S GOOD FOR YOU, especially if your work doesn't include much of thinking time, team building or drawing. We cover all that through fun, engaging and clever doodle games which will involve even the least eager to draw people from the group. You don’t even know you’ve just done it, because it was fun.

What we offer: bespoke private Doodleledo experiences, filming + photography to capture your event, creating a collage from everyone's drawings for you as your personal poster in a digital or printed form.

doodleledo school

LEARN TO THINK IN PICTURES: 10 classes, 3 levels course, your confidence in expressing ideas in a more visual way.


- focus your attention on best way to when and how use visuals in every day and business context

- gain much more confidence in using visuals in the way you communicate

- gradually become more comfortable with the 'uncomfortable' idea of drawing what you mean and looking at a blank page, by going through step by step themes all supported by a number of interactive exercises, games and tasks

- become more aware of how information flows, how to rapidly prototype an idea and make sense of it to other people

- lots of tips and little suggestions that will make a big change straight away in how you perceive how you can communicate and how others perceive you

- all classes run in a friendly, fun, interactive style - best way to learn!

- learning doesn't stop at the lesson or course - you can practice more at home, thanks to print outs, and all the exercises you were introduced to

- learn techniques and styles for representing all sorts of types of communication: plan, process, pitch, idea, story, presentation, and more

- regular practice will destress you, make you more relax and in tune with yourself and your thoughts

- perfect for problem solving especially when working with others, a great way to communicate what you mean in an engaging and easy to grasp way