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We’re living in the age of podcast and radio renaissance.


With so much great content and platforms, it just makes sense to bring...

 drawing to radio!

Yes, you heard it here first. We launched a new podcast with Matt Ballantine called ‘DrawPod’. Matt has previously worked with Microsoft, Reuters, the BBC and in 2013, founded Stamp London. He helps organisations with the intersection between technology, media, content, and people. This means Matt is the perfect person to collaborate with for this project.

drawpod natalia talkowska matt ballantine

#Drawpod gets you to doodle and draw and play with visuals based on the sounds you hear and your imagination. It was so much fun to organise: every week we’ll be making a new drawing challenge. So if you’re on a break, on your commute, or at a creative block, join us for the next DrawPod. Make sure to add #drawpod so we can see what you come up with.


The aural medium of radio means we can expand the power and creativity of doodling to anywhere, anytime, with anyone.

Episode 1 got people drawing already! Check out the doodles on @draw_pod Instagram.


Episode 2 has just come out. Draw what you hear!

Want to join the fun? Download it from iTunes here.

Big shoutout to Moo for letting us record in their space and let’s get doodling.