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Short updates from our world to yours.


Every now and then we will be sending your way a new creative challenge, a task, a game, something to let your brain use the famous creative right side a bit more, practice creativity and come up with better ideas quicker and easier. 

It's not even about the tasks, it's about helping your brain be a bit more flexible. It's not a muscle but it behaves like one. There are theories around brain that it can be trained to improve various cognitive functions like working memory or visual skills.

Well let's see how we get on.... shall we? Make sure to tweet your results with #NDGAME to @Natalka_Design (twitter) @NatalkaDesign (Insta)


1. take any regular small household item (comb, scissors, banana, shoe...)

2. look at it for a while - what else could it be? Look at its shape, colour, design and think of what could it be a part of...

3. put it on a paper and draw the new item.

The person with the most creative idea will win an #NDGAME little visual goodie! GOOD LUCK :)

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