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WHAT'S UP: Recently we've been invited by the awesome folks at Linked In in London to join their InDay which was all about learning. Didn't know they have this thing every month where everyone across the globe in the company can focus on themselves, the company and the world and each month is themed. They asked us to come along, graphically record key findings from morning session so they can share with everyone else and run a fast track Doodleledo session! Guess what we said... YES :) 

VALUE:  Graphic facilitationAll the key messages from the morning shared by team members from all over the world were captured in a visual way that works as a useful, memorable content reminding everyone of the learnings from the day. Doodleledo session: Everyone came a bit shy and not sure what to expect. They all came out excited, more open, refreshed and after having loads of laughs :) Everyone's heads were buzzing and people started chatting through all sorts of ideas. We rewired the brains, it helped them refocus on the next part for the day. They all proved they did draw!

LESSON: Everyone was so friendly at LinkedIn. They really do care to bring everyone together through InDay and let them explore new kind of a day where they can learn, get creative, connect and reboot.

BLOOPERS: I use a bike horn at Doodleledo when I want to get people's attention, especially with timed games and it stopped working. It's never the same without the horn sound.

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