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Here we are! Refreshed new and excited.

When 5 years ago I started Natalka Design I didn't have a clue where it would take me and how far it would go. And trust me it is not just about a new shiny website and more logos on the page. There is a genuine feeling of being proud (or as I call it #proudzone), excited and overwhelmed with the opportunities we've been given so far, the people we've got to work with, the conversations we've been a part of and the places we've seen.

We thought to celebrate a refreshed new way of communicating with all of you, how about we go back in time first (for real) and see what happens. There's a brilliant tool called Waybackmachine (did you know about this??) that can show how your website looked back in the days. Now this has made me feel quite nostalgic as I remember sitting in a tiny room in Old Street, typing away, collaborating on creating my first website. I had no clue what it means, what to do, what people want to see but I still did it.

you can see we launched in 2012 :)

you can see we launched in 2012 :)

You can't see anything properly but you can have a little peak at how Natalka Design looked like back in the days where there was no fancy website builders or design trends. You put something together and hoped for the best. If one person read your blog, it was cool.

Moving on we've played around with trying to establish more what we do, how we present it. It was the eternal search for the perfect way to express basically how and where we can help (this search never ends...).

Then we played a bit with cool lines and focusing more on what we can help with rather a list of services you may not connect with. Well quickly we realised the old school list of services works better than lengthy (what I thought very creative:) descriptions.

And here we are in 2017 going on our 6th year with one clear thing that we actually do: help you THINK and DO more creatively. As throughout the years we've figured out that it's not just the fact we can deliver a piece of design or create animation for your next pitch, or help come up with a strategy. We have been actually helping more and more in such more diverse scenarios that we've figured out it's time to properly describe what we do and how we do it with hopefully as clear way of presenting it as we can. As more and more of you were surprised: 'I need this done - didn't know you do that?' When you hear that - you know you haven't been communicating enough about your skills and ways you can help.

We are all about making you understand each other better, more easily by using visual tools and creative ideas. Well we've decided it's time to simplify it all - even the way we look.

It's time to have another amazing 5 years, hopw you'll be on the journey with us. Expect bold, innovative, passionate, weird, fun, creative and visual - as always!

Thank you everyone who's been with us for the last 5 years - you make it all worth it! x

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